Part of our aim as a charity is to promote knowledge of cat care, and responsible ownership. We do this by:
1. Visiting schools and giving tours at our centre.
2. Posting useful information on social media sites and our website
3. Talking to our customers and supporters when they arrive at the centre and over the phone
4. Advising on settling in information during our chats with adopters
5. Presenting information at street collections and fundraising events
6. Distributing informative handouts and leaflets

Education talks:
Classroom talks are a great way to get children interested in cat care and improving their knowledge on the pets they may have at home. We believe by educating a younger audience they are more likely to become responsible pet owners in the future.

When visiting schools we can take along information on boards to present to the children, fun cat quizzes and goodies for the children to keep. It is an interactive experience for the kids. Our talks are best suited to primary schools and go hand in hand with animal modules in their curriculum.

We often have beavers/brownies etc. come out to the centre for a tour which can count towards badges and acheivements. The children love the talks/tours and often give back to the centre by donating food and toys for the cats.

Education talks are free services provided by CP so do not hesitate to get in contact for more information or to book your talk/tour.

Beavers tour at the centre 2017

Supporting cat ownership:

At various points throughout a cats time with it's owner, regardless of whether the cat was adopted from us, we are here to offer advice to all owners. Cats Protection has many years of experience and now has a vast library of cat advice and guidance to give to cat owners.

Helping cats doesn't always mean taking them into care for rehoming and often the issues prompting owners to rehome their pets can be releived with some guidance and support.

Click the links below to see some commonly needed advice for cat owners:

How do I set up my house ready for a new cat?

My new cat is very nervous, how do I help them settle in?

How do I improve my cat's relationship with other pets in the home?

I'm having a baby, how do I keep my cat happy during this time?

I need help with my cat's behaviour