Feral cats and how to care for them

One way is to provide an outdoor shelter. Specially-built shelters guarantee feral cats a warm spot to escape what the winter throws at them.

A shelter about 2ft by 3ft and 18 inches high, provides enough space for three to five cats to huddle together, if smaller number of cats a smaller shelter is best, this will enable the space to heat up quicker with their body heat. 
Door should be 6 to 8 inches and if possible a flap to keep out the cold weather or place it in a sheltered position to stop the bad weather getting inside the shelter. 
Insulate the shelter with straw, not blankets or other material such as hay, as this absorbs moisture.
Provide extra food and water. Wet food is best as it takes less time for them to digest. Keep the food and water from freezing, by using a deep not wide bowl. (an insulated container is best). Use warm or hot water and add a pinch of sugar to stop the water from freezing. Place the bowls in a sunny spot.

Remember winter is the time for antifreeze, clean it up as cats can find it very tasty, it is toxic and can kill. If we ALL DO OUR BIT these little ones will be safe and well cared-for during the cold winter months.