Golden Oldies

This year we have had A LOT of kittens at our branch and still do, however this often means our older cats are over looked in favour of someone small and fluffy.
Older cats have often had it much harder than kittens and find it more difficult in a pen environment where lots of change and people coming and going takes place. Many times as a cat gets older people abandon them which leaves the cat confused and missing the comforts of home.

DAVINA NOW SOSHII -Aged 10 yrs of age. Her story is below.
Cats can live for up to 20 years so although a cat that's 12 may seem quite old in the animal world, in reality you could still have many years of happiness from adopting an older cat. They need a home just as much if not more than kittens and make wonderful lap cats!!! 

Please read the following true story. An old cat makes such a wonderful companion. 

I was desperate for a cat ever since I lost my old cat two years ago at the age of 24 and eventually persuaded Mum that I would look after a cat if she let me have one.   I love all cats, but particularly wanted a fluffy tabby. We checked out all the homing centres and eventually found one at Bexley Cats Protection. Mum took me to see her and I immediately fell in love with her!

Davina was a long term stray, very affectionate and silent. She was very thin for someone her age - the Vet said she was about 10. I didn't like her temporary name so I call her Soshii - Tiny in Japanese.  It didn't take her long to get to know it.

I spend a lot of time in my room being a teenager, doing homework and listening to music and Soshii loves to snuggle up to me and if she is not getting enough attention she will push her head under my hands to get attention or climbs onto my books. 

After a month we heard her voice. She bothers Mum for food (Soshii was a stray and remembers when she had nothing to eat) and she let us know it was feeding time by speaking.   It was quite a shock but she still continues to ration her meows.   

Initially she was quite happy to stay in my room, but one day ventured downstairs and finally in April  in the warm weather plucked up enough courage to venture outside. She now wants to leave my room and seek the company of the rest of my family and whilst I know that she has eventually settled it makes me sad as I miss her.   Mum told me that she was sitting outside my room wanting to be allowed in, so I now leave the door open so she can come and go as she pleases. Soshii comes and finds me at night and we both snuggle up together.  

We are very well suited. We both like to spend hours in bed and only come out for food and necessaries.  We both love cuddles.
I hope we will have many years together. 

Jemima Horn  age 14    (Soshii's new owner)