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Missing Cat Tips

It can be a very distressing time if your cat goes missing, but if you follow the advice here, it could help you to find them.  Even if your cat is a "wanderer" it is often best to act quickly.

  • Email us the details of your missing pet, together with a photograph if you have one.
  • Tell people, including neighbours and also the postman/milkman and anyone else who covers your local area.
  • Phone Balmore (SSPCA) in case your cat has been found and taken there.  Their number is 01847 861386.
  • Phone your local vet (Thurso 01847 892387 / Wick 01955 602088) as there may be a chance your cat has been in an accident.
  • Display posters with simple large writing and brief description and/or photo on lamp posts, in shops, libraries, notice boards.  Deliver smaller leaflets to an area of houses at the front, back and sides of your own as cats can wander over several gardens and streets.
  • The Caithness.Org website has a "Pets Corner" section on its messageboard.  Post a message there as a lot of people will see it.
  • If they use a litter tray and you still have some used litter, put this in the garden. If your cat has wandered out of where he normally goes, the strong smell of his home and himself can help him find his way home.
  • If you do not have a litter tray, place the contents for your vacuum cleaner onto the lawn and near the house, as this will also strongly smell of home and their owners.
  • Look in cupboards, sheds, garages, cars, cellars and those of your neighbours.  Cats can sometimes hide when frightened, injured or confused by confinement and may not immediately come forward when you call them.  You will need to look in the dark corners of garages in and under boxes and large objects.  Call them very late at night when everywhere is quiet and you have a better chance of hearing them respond if they are trapped.  Check along garden hedges, shrubs and fences of gardens in the daytime in case your cat has been injured and is unable to move from its hiding place.

Good luck!