Lost and Found Cats

When a cat or kitten has been lost, or when someone finds what appears to be a stray, usually our Branch will be contacted if it is in our area.

The following is our Lost and Found page where we feature any cats which fall into these categories. Although the cats have been given names, in the case of strays we have no idea of their original name so we give them a temporary name. So don't be put off  by the name if you have lost your cat and see one here which resembles your lost pet. Give Fiona a ring on 01387 710083 and give her as many details as possible about your cat and where it was last seen, and from this we will perhaps be able to track it down. We know that our cats are very much part of our family, so we know how you must feel if yours has wandered off. We hope we can help get you back together again.