Success Stories

Oliver's got a lovely new home

Oliver seems to be settling in really well and we just love him! 

Ecstatic about Edmund

We wanted to update you on how Edmund is doing...
Well, we thought he was confident on day one but he now definitely rules the roost! He makes us laugh every day and we're always greeted with enthusiastic meows and cuddles. He loves it when we have people round because he has an abundance of laps to sit on and humans to pay him attention! We strongly believe that he's made of liquid because he just melts into your lap and snores very loudly.

He knows what time our alarm goes off in the morning and pre-emptively comes to wake us up with a cuddle! We struggled to get him to use the scratching post at first so after some research I bought a horizontal one and he took to that as soon as it was out of the box! He uses it to sleep on and hide his toys in too. It also took him some time to learn how to play but he now has a selection of his favourite toys which keep him entertained while we're out. Thank you to the little girl who donated the catnip mice! However he now thinks shoelaces are something to kill so putting on boots is always a challenge...
He is very happy staying indoors and doesn't even look out of the windows. The only time he goes near the front door is when visitors leave and he calls for a few minutes at the door after them!
Edmund is so popular with all of our friends and family. We travelled to Wales at the weekend to visit Robbie's grandma and everyone fought to look after the cat while we were away!! My mum comes round for a cuddle very often as her cat is totally indifferent but Edmund rather adores her. And of course we love him. We feel so lucky to have such a friendly, characterful and intelligent cat in our lives.
Ellie, Robbie and Eddie x


Talk about making yourself at home!
We have recently heard about 2 of our foster cats who settled into their homes within hours of arriving. First of all, Suki who - as you can see from the photo - is now in charge of deciding who sits where!

Also, a big fluffy guy who was called Mr Purrs, but now goes by the name of Toby, likes to control where his new family sit - ideally in a good spot so that he can flop on their laps!


Shakespeare has settled in quickly

For the first few days, Shakespeare was polite but reserved. He purred when picked up, but did not actively seek out cuddles. However, after a day or so, he began to jump onto the sofa to watch TV with me. He also began to climb onto the bed in the morning to remind me that it was time for breakfast. When he discovered that access to the bed was unrestricted, he decided to spend much of each day on it. He also spends nights at the end of the bed, acting as a furry hot water bottle for my feet.

He is a loving and gentle cat. It is a joy to have him in my home, and I look forward to spending many more years with him.

Marco is having a merry time in his new home

Marco is settling down with us. He was rather nervous for the first couple of days (kept dashing to his cardboard box) but is becoming more confident - exploring the house and playing happily. He is also much happier about being stroked and happily sat with our children on the sofa. At the moment he is happily napping on the chair in the kitchen.


It's the high life for Highbury!

I can't believe how well this beautiful girl has settled in! She's made herself right at home & hasn't stopped rubbing around our legs & purring! She's loving the company & we're all completely taken with her.
She loves exploring the downstairs of the house and has found a few favourite places - the main one being the front window sill and she's even sat on my lap several times already! She's loving being fussed over though we've had a few hisses and swipes too.
It really couldn't gave gone any better and she feels like part of the family already.
Thanks for all the great work you've done to get her to this stage - long may it continue.....


Little ladies who enjoy lots of fuss!

Just thought I'd let you know that Honey & Domino have settled in beautifully. They are so loving & friendly to everyone who has met them. Both of them enjoy playing, tummy tickles and sitting on our laps. Domino enjoys lying on my head when in bed!


Happy kittens with their happy adopter

Thomas and Elsa have grown soooo much since their arrival in August (I feel as though I’ve had them furever). They’re currently enjoying the garden as I type. I let them out twice a day now, before meal times and they’ve been pretty good about staying close.

Thomas is still very chilled and it took him about 4 months before he would come for a real long cuddle....he would just about stand a head scratch before he wanted to be off.... he’s a big boy and likes to do his own thing, but I know he loves me because he follows me all over the house when I’m home and wants a cuddle about

Elsa is still inquisitive, I call her my little ninja because she’s so stealthy, I look at her and she’s in one place; when I next turn she’s usually right behind me..... from the moment she came home, she would cuddle and fall asleep between my legs whilst watching TV and I’m happy to say that she has not changed.... at the end of the day (pretty much all day if I had the time) that’s where you’ll find her) and she sleeps at the end of my bed most nights....

She’s also learnt how to sheer accident I was having my morning coffee, she brought over “mousey” and I threw it....she got it and brought it back and I automatically threw it again.... Elsa “the fetch” cat was’s one of her favourite games!!!!!

My family laugh at my house because I have cat towers, boxes (Thomas loves a box, so I bought him one for his birthday ) and toys.

BIG thank you from me and my little furry babies....
Flora....Thomas & Elsa xxx



Cosmo is very comfortable in his new home

Cosmo (previously known as Romano) 
is very settled and friendly. He loves exploring the garden and is enjoying the sunny weather.