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October 2017
The summer months have been busy at the shelter with lots of mums and kittens coming in. Some of these are feral litters that will take some time to socialise. Others are kittens that have been born outdoors to friendly mums who have either been abandoned or just become lost.
Recently one of our feral officers, helped by a member of the public, successfully rescued a mum and her four young kittens, just weeks old, who were born under a shed in Tullibody. The kittens and their mum have alll been rehomed now.
The first half of 2017 has been busy on both fronts - cat welfare and retail.
As far as rehoming is concerned we are once more on target to  rehomed around 500 cats and kittens, quite an achievement for a small shelter like ours!

On the retail side we have seen the opening of the new Cats Protection charity shop in Falkirk just before Christmas 2016. The shop is proving very popular.
Our own charity shop at Fishcross has also been given a makeover and now we have much more room in the front of the shop to display the lovely items that local people kindly donate to us.
Our waiting list for cats needing to come into the shelter has been halved in recent months thanks to lots of hard work and the cooperation of other branches who have agreed to take some of our cats for rehoming - in particular Arbroath and Carnoustie branch.
Sadly the demand for our service never gets any less.
Every year we successfully trap, socialise and rehome dozens of feral kittens with many of them going to proper homes where, given time and encouragement, they will have the chance to become much loved family pets. 
Some others find homes on farms and stables where they are happy living the outdoor life they prefer.  
Tango and ShadowIt is always heart-warming when people come in and choose elderly cats and cats with health worries or behaviour issues.
Look out for lots of new faces in the shelter and on our website every week. We always need to find good homes for older cats, most of whom make affectionate and settled companions, and are much less work than kittens. Please give them a chance if you are thinking about adoption.  
If you are working during the day you might want to think about adopting a pair of cats. Two cats are good company for each other. Tango and Shadow (pictured) were lucky enough to find a new forever home which meant that they could stay together.
Have a look below and you will see some of the cats needing new homes. If you see a cat you like you can express an interest through this website.

We always have cats available, they usually range in age, size, colour and temperament. That usually means we will be able to find the cat for you. Our website is updated on a regular basis but we recommend that you visit the shelter as we are always getting new admissions. Visiting the shelter gives you the opportunity to arrange a home visit and to chat with our volunteers about the cats currently in our care and those that might soon be joining us.

Kittens: In general the kitten season runs from April - October, although in recent years we have had litters well outside these times. We always operate a waiting list for our kittens. To be added to the list you must visit the shelter so we can have a chat and discuss what it is you want. Also if your cat has recently given birth to kittens, or is about to, and you need to find homes for them please get in touch with Sandra on 01259 213692.

Admissions: If you need to admit a cat(s) to the shelter either a stray or for rehoming please arrange through our Admissions Officer. Space at the shelter is in high demand and we keep a waiting list for admissions which we try to make as fair as possible. We cannot take cats without prior notice.

Kittens, feral kittens are simply those that are born outside and are rather timid. They need a patient and loving adopter who will take the time to bring them out of themselves. These kittens are not suitable for a home with small children.

Adult cats:
If you are looking for farm/stable cats to control the mouse population please contact the shelter.

Some of the cats in our care may not yet be on our website. If you are looking for a feline companion, please contact us on 01259 720 555