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Cats Protection vets ‘feline’ brave for charity

Cats Protection vets ‘feline’ brave for charity

21 August 2014 Two teams of veterinary ...

Plucky puss Nelson named National Cat of the Year 2014!

Plucky puss Nelson named National Cat of the Year 2014!

7 August 2014 A one-eyed former stray who ...

Support Adoption For Pets Video Competition Entry 2014

Support Adoption For Pets Video Competition Entry 2014

Cats Protection has been invited to apply for...

Podgy moggy needs a new home

Podgy moggy needs a new home

27 May 2014 A king-sized kitty that is ...

Celebrities reunite to select Britain’s top cat

Celebrities reunite to select Britain’s top cat

21 May 2014 Entertainment host Tim ...

Call to animal lovers - Have your say in the nation's 'Cat Manifesto'

Call to animal lovers - Have your say in the nation's 'Cat Manifesto'

Tuesday 6 May 2014 Animal lovers are being...

Vet Charity Challenge 2014 – Registration Now Open

Vet Charity Challenge 2014 – Registration Now Open

We are pleased to announce that Cats ...

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Adopt a cat

If you’re thinking about offering a home to a Cats Protection cat or kitten your local branch or adoption centre would love to hear from you.

To find the nearest cats needing good homes, please click here

A more detailed guide to adopting a cat or kitten can be found by clicking here 

Report cruelty and neglect

If you are concerned that a cat is being mistreated please alert the following organisations, depending where you live:

RSPCA (England and Wales) 0300 1234 999

SSPCA (Scotland) 03000 999 999

USPCA (Northern Ireland) 028 3025 1000

Cats Protection is unable to investigate or prosecute cases of cat cruelty or mistreatment.

Give up a cat

There are many reasons why a cat is signed over to our care, from relationship break ups to elderly people having to go into a care home. It can be a heart-breaking time and we will do all that we can, but you will need to be patient.

Our branches in particular, can have long waiting lists for places in pens. With many requests for help, branches have to prioritise, giving assistance to cats in dire and immediate need of our help. Our adoption centres tend to have more facilities available, but will also be busy at peak times.

If you are sure that you can no longer care for your cat, the first thing to do is obtain the phone number of your local branch or adoption centre. You can do this by clicking on the following link For branches, you may have to leave an answer phone message if you ring during the day, as many of the volunteers will be at work. Rest assured that your call will be returned and suitable arrangements made.

If you choose to put your cat into Cats Protection's care, you will be asked to sign to confirm the decision. This really is your last opportunity to reconsider your decision, as details of the cat's new owners will not, in any circumstances, be released later down the line.

Request financial help with neutering

If you need to neuter your cat and cannot afford the cost, we can help. By clicking here you will find links to a number of larger regional schemes – which you can access directly by approaching the listed vets. In other parts of the UK the assistance is provided through Cats Protection’s local branches and centres, or through our national neutering team.

You can call us on 03000 12 12 12, selecting option 3 (lines open from 9.30am-1pm).

Request financial help with veterinary bills (non-neutering)

Unfortunately Cats Protection is unable to help financially towards other veterinary bills.

However, the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA) provides a range of medical and surgical veterinary services for sick and injured pets if owners are in receipt of certain benefits.

To find your nearest PDSA PetAid hospital, visit or call 0800 731 2502.

Request temporary fostering

As Cats Protection’s work involves taking in and finding new homes for unwanted cats, we are unable to assist with temporary boarding or fostering of owned cats.

If you need to board your cats, a register of boarding catteries in the UK is maintained by The Feline Advisory Bureau - 0870 742 2278 or visit

Report your cat as lost

It is always very difficult for an owner when their cat goes missing, but it is important not to give up hope.

The first thing to do should your cat go missing is thoroughly search your house and garden, looking in warm spots - under beds, in cupboards, behind wardrobes. When searching call out your cat's name and use strong food smells to lure him out. Ask neighbours to check their sheds, garages and outhouses for signs of your cat too.

If your search proves fruitless start phoning around local veterinary surgeries (an injured cat may have been handed in), phone local animal rescue organisations and the local council. Put up lost cat posters in your area (use a photo if you have one and include a telephone number). You could also consider placing an advert in the local paper, offering a reward could encourage more response. Don't give up, cats can reappear many months after disappearing.

If your cat is microchipped, please call Petlog on 0844 4633 999 so they can check any ‘found cat’ reports in your area. Lines are open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

You can also register the details of your cat for free on the missing pets website -

In addition, your local Cats Protection branch or centre can add your cat’s details to their lost and found list. To contact your local Cats Protection, please visit

Report a stray

Given the nature of strays, we would advise that you ask your neighbours whether there is a cat missing. Often cats believed to be strays do, in fact, belong to someone local. It is also helpful if you are able to take the cat to a veterinary surgery so they can scan him for a microchip.

In many cases, we will not be able to come out and collect a stray immediately and would ask you to feed the cat until we can get someone to trap him (especially in the summer). During the winter, we will ask whether there is somewhere dry for the cat to go and food for him to eat, until we can get to you. To contact your nearest Cats Protection branch or centre, please visit

If the cat is injured, please take him to your nearest Veterinary Practice and advise them he is a stray. Vets have a duty to given emergency care to any animal presented to them. Once the cat is stable, the vet will scan him for a microchip. If the vet confirms that he has no owner, they may contact Cats Protection to see if we are able to take him into our care.

Injured cats can become defensive if they are in pain and scared so only handle them if you think you are able. The safest way of moving an injured cat is to carefully cover him with an old towel or blanket before picking him up. This will contain his legs and, more importantly, his claws.

If you don’t feel confident moving the cat, or if you are unable to get him to a vet, please contact the RSPCA (in England and Wales) on 0300 1234 999, or SSPCA in Scotland on 03000 999 999 who may be able to send an inspector out to collect the cat.

Report a feral cat/colony

The most effective and humane way to control the feral population is by undertaking trap, neuter and return schemes wherever possible.

Cats that have not had human contact in the early weeks of their lives are actually much happier living outdoors as long as they have somewhere to shelter and enough food to eat.

To report a feral colony, please click on the following link for contact details of your local Cats Protection branch or centre. Cats Protection may be able to help towards the cost of neutering the ferals, provided they are returned to their original site. To apply for financial assistance please email

Cat care information

The Cats Protection website has a comprehensive Cat care section complete with frequently asked questions, glossaries, key cat care information and our large range of downloadable cat care leaflets.

Click here to visit the Cat Care section

Make a donation

As a charity, we rely solely on the generosity and kindness of public donations to enable us to go on caring for cats and kittens. Our work never stops, so your support is vital to us.

To make an online donation, please visit

To donate over the phone, please call Supporter Services free on 0800 917 2287. If you would like to donate to a particular branch, please be sure to mention this when you call.

You can also donate by post using the printable form - click here

If you wish to make a donation to your local Cats Protection branch or centre, please visit for contact details or visit the the branch website to donate online or by post.

Membership and supporter enquiries

Becoming a member of Cats Protection is a great way to show your support, plus you will be helping us shape our future.

To become a member please visit

If you are an existing member and need to change your address/contact details, mailing list preferences or have any other membership query, please email or call them free on 0800 917 2287.

Make a complaint

At Cats Protection the needs and opinions of our supporters and customers are paramount.

We will always strive to get things right first time, every time but there will be the odd occasion when things do not go according to plan or a mistake is made. Your comments are vital to us so that we can learn from these situations and avoid them in the future.

Go to the complaint procedure page - Click here

Advertising enquiries

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For any other advertising enquiries, please email


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