Welcome to Crewe and District Cats Protection!

We only rehome cats in CW postcode areas. As our home visits are carried out by volunteers unfortunately we don't have the resources to home cats outside these areas. 
To discuss adopting a kitten, or giving one of our older cats a chance at a loving forever home, please do not hesitate to contact us.

 A selection can be seen on our "Adopt a Cat" page, but we have many more not yet on the website - please call 01270 588710 for further details.

The adult cat adoption fee is £70.00, and includes vaccinations, microchip, neutering and health check prior to homing.

The kitten adoption fee is £60.00, and includes vaccinations, microchip and health check. We neuter as soon as the kitten is old/big enough, usually around 4 or 5 months old.

All newly adopted cats should be kept in for at least 1 month before being introduced slowly to the outside world, and kittens need to stay in until at least 6 months old, and of course, neutered. Please just ask if you need advice on this.

We have a waiting list of cats needing to come into care - Neutering is the key to preventing so many unwanted cats facing homeless futures - Please click on the link to our Urgent Neutering Appeal to the left. 

We currently have several male and female cats in care that would be suitable as farm or stable cats. They are unable to settle into life in a pen, and have not been sufficiently socialised before coming to us to adapt to a home life as they are timid, and can be fearful of close contact with people.. If you could help by offering a safe farm or stable environment we would love to hear from you. All neutered and health checked.

 This website is updated weekly.
Updated 22.03.17