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Adopt a cat

These are the cats we have in Crewe and District that are ready for adoption. Our cats have been neutered, vaccinated, health checked , micro chipped , and will have had flea and worm treatment. It is £70 to adopt a cat and all the above is included! Imagine the vet bill. With kittens it is £60. This price includes both vaccinations ( you may have to take your kitten to our vets for the 2nd vaccine depending on age, but the cost of this is covered). It is a condition of adoption that all kittens homed before they are old/big enough to neuter are neutered by their new owners. Our descriptions are based on our fosterer's experiences with the cat or a description from their previous owners.

House cats
- there is a note saying "Indoor only cat" and "Access to outside" that has to be included in each description. This is hard to answer in a "Yes" or "No". We do have many cats and kittens that would be suitable as house cats, if this is your requirement please just let us know, and you will be able to discuss with the fosterer whether that cat or kitten may be suitable.

All newly adopted cats should be kept in for at least 1 month before being introduced slowly to the outside world, and kittens need to stay in until at least 6 months old, and of course, neutered. Please just ask if you need advice on this.

Please click through our pages below, there's a lovely feline friend waiting out there for you today :)

Some of the cats in our care may not yet be on our website. If you are looking for a feline companion, please contact us on 01270 588710