Adopt a cat

Thank you for considering giving one of our cats a second chance. 

We're passionate about finding loving, lasting homes for all the cats in our care.  During the process of adopting a cat from Northumbria Cats Protection, we'll consider everything from your potential pet's personality and how this fits in with your lifestyle, to your home enviroment - creating a perfect match for both cat and owner and the start of a wonderful feline friendship. Therefore, we carry out home checks for all potential new homes.

If you are interested in any of the cats available for adoption at Cats Protection Northumbria, please enquire via their listing below or give us a call.

FOR ADOPTIONS ONLY - Please contact our Adoption Team:
Telephone: 07972 658 386

Whether you are new to cats or an old hand, please take some time to learn more about them. Cats Protection provide a lot of online Information; the Essential Guides are a good place to start. Please think very carefully before deciding to give a home to a cat or kitten as owning a pet is a long-term commitment.

We have the purrfect enviromentally friendly and highly efficient solution to your rodent problem if you own a farm, stables, small-holding, golf club, anywhere a feral cat or 2 has space roam, rodents to catch and a suitable place to live. Owners must provide their feline employees with food, water, shelter and vet care when needed.  Feeding feral cats will not affect their desire to catch prey. If you are interested in employing a feral please contact us.

Helpline: 07749 713142

If you don't see any Cats Protection cats up for adoption, please see our Direct Homing cats on the link below: