Outstanding Rescue Cat

Felines adopted from animal welfare organisations

Legz - WINNER!

Legz - Photo credit Anna BranthwaiteOwned by the Charlotte Despard pub, Archway Road, London

Three-legged Legz is truly the Cat Ambassador of London.

Since being adopted by pub landlords Amber Knight and Chris Sparks he has taken a liking to pub life and has become part of the furniture. He has an uncanny knack for winning round non-cat lovers and has inspired many locals to adopt rescue cats of their own and even one to start volunteering for a cat charity.

People travel from far and wide to meet chirpy five-year-old Legz and bring him toys and catnip gifts, with Amber and Chris saying he has helped to bring communities together.

Legz was selected as the winner of the Outstanding Rescue Cat category by celebrity judge Saffron Sprackling, who said: “Though Legz has lost one leg, it hasn't stopped him from befriending people and bringing together the community in his local pub with his personality and charm. He has also inspired people to rescue other cats as they can see he is a shining example that a rescue cat can bring happiness into people's lives! He is a true ambassador for rescue cats and Cats Protection!”

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Photo credit - Anna Branthwaite

Holly - Photo credit Phil CarpenterHolly - Runner up

Owned by Ayshe Kadir of Loughton, Essex

Rescue cat Holly was one of the most nervous cats Ayshe had ever encountered.

For three years, she refused to be touched, let alone sit on a lap. This all changed when Ayshe started to get debilitating headaches. For nearly a year, she was in constant pain and had to spend most of her time in a darkened room. This was only made tolerable by the comforting presence of Holly who underwent a complete transformation and spent most of the time lying next to Ayshe’s thumping head.

The headaches were eventually attributed to a gas leak and Ayshe has now made a full recovery. Holly still spends every night on her bed, just not always next to her head.

Photo credit - Phil Carpenter

Baby Boy and KenzieBaby Boy - Runner up

Owned by Jacqueline McNeil, of Peterhead, Aberdeenshire

Baby Boy was rescued from appalling conditions after being neglected in a house full of cats.

Terrified and malnourished, vet staff said he was unlikely to survive - but with round-the-clock TLC from new owner Jacqueline McNeil he pulled through.

Soon after, Jacqueline’s daughter Kenzie was born with serious medical conditions, including Strep-B-induced pneumonia and meningitis. Luckily she pulled through and despite Baby Boy’s tough start to life, which could have made him fearful of humans, he has taken to toddler Kenzie very well.