Cats Protection's Special Recognition Award

Celebrating some of the amazing stories involving cats that have been rehomed by Cats Protection

Winner - Lunar

Everyday life for Ali Coles, 29, is difficult to predict, and brings many potential hazards. Ali has postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, which causes frequent and unexpected fainting episodes. Another medical condition – Ehlers-Danlos syndrome - means these episodes can lead to her sustaining serious injuries. Yet she’s found an unexpected aid to helping her predict when a blackout is to occur - her faithful cat Lunar.

Shortly after adopting Lunar from Cats Protection, Ali noticed the 12-year-old puss would stubbornly sit on her just prior to a fainting episode, regardless of what she was doing. Ali said: “Even if I’m standing up, Lunar will sit on my feet and it’s the warning I need to prepare myself to what’s about to happen. Our vet thinks that Lunar is able to sense the subtle chemical change which happens prior to a blackout.”

Lunar won the Special Recognition Award at the ceremony at The Savoy in London.

Ali said: “I’m absolutely thrilled Lunar’s won. She has been such an amazing help whenever I’m about to suffer a blackout. This prevents Ehlers-Danlos symptoms such as dislocations. Lunar will come and sit on me in such a way that I can’t stand up, or if I’m already standing up, she’ll stand on my feet and refuse to move. I don’t know how she can tell when I’m about to have a blackout, but she’s managed to help me with my condition. I’m so proud of her.”

Celebrity judge John Challis, who is best known for playing ‘Boycie’ in the BBC1 sitcoms Only Fools and Horses and The Green, Green Grass, said: “It was a difficult choice between three wonderful cats. I decided the title should go to Lunar for her unfailing vigilance and support for her owner.”

 Runners up


Having been diagnosed with anorexia and depression aged 15, Victoria Williams was advised to take time off school after teachers became concerned she would collapse. Seriously ill and lonely, the teenager became increasingly withdrawn and was beginning to lose hope for the future.

That is until a newspaper article about an abandoned litter of kittens caught her eye. With all the others rehomed, just one tiny kitten remained in the care of Victoria’s local Cats Protection branch in the Forest of Dean – and she was instantly smitten. Felix came home with Victoria, and the pair haven’t looked back since. Three years later, Felix has grown into a strong and playful young cat, while Victoria, now 18, has made a full recovery and is now enjoying college life.

Sadie Ellenore

Life for Anastasia-Camille Glover changed forever when she was hit by a drunk driver in 2006. Left severely disabled, she went on to develop complex regional pain syndrome, a condition that leaves her coping with agonising and constant pain. Having just moved to the UK from America, Anastasia was at a low point when she saw Sadie Ellenore and her brother Baxter on Cats Protection’s Portsmouth Branch website/

By the beginning of 2013, she had welcomed the pair into her home, and hasn’t looked back since. She said: “I was isolated, in pain and in a very bad way, but Sadie Ellenore gave me hope. I could talk to her when I had nowhere to turn, and she gives me so much strength.”