Star Team Award

The Star Team Award celebrates the incredible work carried out across the UK by Cats Protection's 10,000 volunteers and was created to mark the charity's 90th anniversary this year. Teams were nominated for doing something impressive to bring about a positive result for cat welfare, and the charity's volunteers and staff voted for their favourite.

Coventry Branch

The Coventry Branch of Cats Protection are nominated for launching an ambitious spaying and snipping campaign in response to rising numbers of unwanted cats in the city.

The volunteer group's 'Free February' scheme targeted areas with a high unwanted cat problem and as a result, managed to neuter almost 650 cats at no cost to their owners.

"The campaign was way more successful than we ever though it would be", explained branch coordinator Wendy Harris.

"We thought maybe we would get 100 cats neutered but within the 28 day of February, we issued vouchers to neuter 649 cats."

Deeside Branch

The Deeside Branch of Cats Protection are nominated for rescuing 25 cats when the storm wreaked havoc in the village of Ballater in December 2015, leaving many residents homeless.

"The storm literally devastated the area and we knew many cats had gone missing as a result.", explained branch coordinator Liz Robinson. "Working as a team we managed to rescue the cats and it was such a great feeling to return them to their owners who were relieved to see their pets again."

Glasgow Branch

The Glasgow Branch of Cats Protection are nominated for rescuing, rehoming and neutering 700 cats and kittens across a vast area of West Scotland. The volunteer group has rescued cats at risk of freezing to death in rural locations while also dealing with a household in the city that was overflowing with 50 unneutered cats.

"The challenges of working across such a large area that is both rural and urban are immense so operating as a team is the only way we can help so many cats." explained branch coordinator Lorraine Currie. "From the volunteer who takes the phone calls, to the homing officer, the home visitors and the fundraisers, every single one of the team plays a vital role."