Sponsor a cat


If you are currently unable to adopt a cat or are looking for an ideal gift for a loved one then perhaps you would like to sponsor one of these long-term residents? For £15 you can sponsor one of our very deserving cats for a year, contributing towards his or her ongoing medical expenses. You will receive a welcome pack with a photo of the cat you are sponsoring and regular updates on how he or she is getting on throughout the year.

A picture and description of each of our sponsored cats can be found below. If you would like to sponsor one (or more!) of them then please get in contact with the branch. You can do this via the form on the 'Contact Us' webpage or give us a phone on 0141 779 3341 and leave a message on the answerphone asking for a 'sponsor a cat' application form (don't forget to tell us your name and address if you phone). We will post a sponsorship form out to you as soon as we can. Alternatively, you can download the Sponsor a Cat form, print it out, fill it in and post it to our address (see the 'Contact Us' webpage again for this). Thanks

Smudge - 7 years old

Smudge is one of our hand- rear cats. She is very petite and at the age of 6 is still only 3.2 Kg. Smudge requires daily medication because she has skin allergies. Her eye runs and she bites the fur out her front legs which makes them look even skinnier.

Smudge is a happy cat who has been on allergen immunotherapy injections however we saw no improvement and anti-histamine tablets again did not help. Sadly the only medications that helps keep Smudge’s irritants at bay are steroids.  She does have seasonal flare ups where her eyes and nose are often dirty. This does not seem to set her back any and she enjoys sharing her home with her 5 “brothers”.


Archie, 9 years old

Archie came into the Glasgow Branch on the 28th January 2017. Archie is around 6 years old black and grey colouring with a deformed back paw. Archie had ripped the skin off the top of his head, his eyes were all swollen and looked in a very sorry state.  He was first seen by a vet on the 3rd February, since then Archie has been on steroids, antibiotics and has been living with a protective collar ‘cone’ on for almost 7 months because he has very itchy dry skin manly on the right hand side of his face.

Numerous tests found that Archie has a deep skin allergy which will be manage by being on medication for the rest of his life.

Archie’s skin has to be shampooed and cleaned three times a week and eye drops administered. Archie has needed a lot of care to help him keep well. This has not been an easy take as Archie was not used to being handled, he wasn’t even litter trained when he came in. However over time Archie grew fond of this care and attention and it was this appreciative nature that made his fosterer fall in love with him and on the 6th May, Archie was adopted and found his forever home.

Archie had been doing so well enjoying outdoor life, sharing his house with five other cats. Then Archie decided to attack his face again. The CP Glasgow Branch decided we need to give Archie a better quality of life so he has recently been referred for dermatology tests.  Archie will get further allergy tests/investigations done whilst under anaesthetic so see if his allergy can be determined.

If you would like to help Archie receive the best care then why not  sponsor him for £15 a year.


Mary 8ears old

Mary was found in September 2014 when she was just 8 weeks old.

We received a call from a doctors surgery in Tollcross about a kitten in their bins outside. We managed to go out and get her, she was very frightened, underweight and suffering from flu.

She is now just over 3 years old and doing well but still has some underlying medical issues that she is being receiving tests for at the vet at the moment.