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Festive plants potentially fatal to cats

Festive plants potentially fatal to cats19-Nov-2015

With Xmas just round the corner & the shops full of bright festive flowers, please remember that a number of festive plants are potentially fatal to cats. Pictured are a few of the most common ones to look out for but if you click on the following link it will show you the full list of indoor & outdoor plants that are poisonous to our little ...

An indoor life

An indoor life10-Nov-2015

As more of us live in flats or don’t wish to expose our cats to the dangers of an outdoors, ask yourself- do you know everything you need to about keeping an indoor cat? Cats have instinctive needs to express certain behaviours, and if indoor life means that they cannot do these activities, they’re likely to become stressed. This can cause difficult problems, such as cats hiding all ...

A feline friendly bonfire night

A feline friendly bonfire night02-Nov-2015

Bonfire Night can be a difficult time for cats but by following our advice your pet need not suffer and things can pass smoothly.   Make sure you keep your cat inside and close all windows, doors and block off cat flaps to keep noise to a minimum. You could also try a plug-in pheromone diffuser starting from a few days before the event - this can help to calm and relax your ...

National Black Cat Day 2015

National Black Cat Day 201527-Oct-2015

Today the 27th of October is Cat Protection's National Black Cat Day 2015. Did you know that black cats are often overlooked by potential adopters in favour of more colourful felines? Black cats can be ignored by visitors to adoption centres and take on average a week longer to rehome. This could be because people mistakenly associate the colour with a lack of character or facial expression- ...

Love Black Cats?

Love Black Cats?11-Oct-2015

Love black cats? Support National ‪#‎BlackCatDay‬ on 27 October by donating a Facebook status or tweet with a Thunderclap. Sign up today at:

Introducing a new dog to your cat

Introducing a new dog to your cat 25-Sep-2015

  So you've just got a new dog and you want to introduce them to your cat. When introducing any new pets to each other, it’s much better to control the situation rather than leave the animals to sort it out for themselves.   First impressions are important and a negative start could lead to lifelong conflict. If a kitten and puppy have had plenty of positive experiences with ...

My special “Golden Oldies”

My special “Golden Oldies”19-Aug-2015

  Blackie & Sooty are two “Senior Kittizen’s” cats who were adopted from Cats Protection by Erin about 5 & ½ years ago. Sadly Blackie passed away last week aged 17 years after living a long, happy, content life where she was very much loved.  We would like to share this message from Erin with you, “ I just wanted to thank you so much for giving...

Adopting an older cat

Adopting an older cat17-Aug-2015

We often have older residents who are searching for their forever families. Sometimes we can have these senior kitties with us for a while because they get overlooked in favour of kittens and younger cats, but they really do have great benefits of their own! What you see is what you get! Adopting an older cat means that what you see really is what you get! The cat has already developed their ...

Cat carrier issues solved

Cat carrier issues solved11-Aug-2015

It's the time every cat owner dreads- a trip to the vet or cattery means kitty has to go into her carrier, which she doesn't like one bit! Worst of all some cats seem to have a kind of sixth sense and will disappear even before you bring it out. So what's the solution to avoiding this annual wrestling match? If you have difficulty getting your cat into her carrier, or if she vanishes the minute ...

Introducing a new cat to a resident cat

Introducing a new cat to a resident cat05-Aug-2015

Are you thinking of adding to your feline family but are worried about the reaction of the cat(s) you already have? Well, let us present a handy guide to introducing a new cat into your household. Cats are territorial and need to be introduced to other animals very slowly in order to give them time to get used to each other. Slow introductions can prevent problems and conflicts from developing. ...

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