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An update on Harvey

03 January 2017
An update on Harvey



Remember Harvey, our special little boy that came to us just before Xmas 2012 through "Gumtree" - advertised as a "10 week old kitten with two broken legs but is fine and runs around like the rest..."

So he came into out care & after taking him to the Glasgow Vet School we discovered he had “Radial Agenisis” – a deformity of the front legs where the ulna & radius bones which connect the upper half of the front legs to his paws are missing (http://bit.ly/1dFrBu7)

Glasgow Vet School had only ever seen 5 similar cases since 1975 – each completely different.

We were told by the vet school that Harvey would require an operation when he was a little older to allow him to have an acceptable quality of life. The specialist had planned to operate on both legs at the same time and place internal & external pins on his legs in order to straighten them. However, prior to surgery the vets & nurses started to give Harvey physiotherapy & massage to help strengthen his muscles which seemed to have an amazing effect.

Harvey’s mobility started to gradually improve, he was moving easier and he had adapted to his disability. The vets were extremely pleased with his progress – they didn’t want to go ahead with any surgery as they thought it could actually affect his mobility in a negative way.

Harvey is now 3 & a half years old and look at him now. His adopter has been shown how to massage & work Harvey’s legs to keep them supple and mobile. He still attends the vet school for regular check-ups & assessments and is pain free. Due to his condition Harvey will be susceptible to arthritis and other underlying health problems which will come as he gets older. All monies raised in respect of Harvey’s operation have so far paid for his vet consultations & physiotherapy and the branch pays for his food and any other medical care.

He is a happy, outgoing cat who does occasionally enjoy the odd bit of mischief but that’s just to keep his family on their toes.

And like all cats Harvey loves the sunshine and being outdoors. He can’t climb like normal cats so his family have adapted their back garden to suit his needs and allow him safe & easy access to areas where he can sit and watch the world go by at his leisure.

🐱🐱 To find out more about how to help support Harvey & and our other long-term care cats that have special needs and require medical care, please visit our Sponsor A Cat page on the following link  http://bit.ly/1Ii9YTk