Setting up an EasyFundraising account


OK, let's get started! To create an account on the website follow the instruction below.

Create an account

  • Open a browser and go to the web page
  • Click on the link 'Create an account' (in the top right-hand corner of the home page)
  • Click on the link 'I want to support a good cause'
  • In the 'Choose a good cause' text box enter 'Cats Protection Glasgow Branch' and click on the button 'Find'
  • A list of results is presented - click on the button 'Support' that corresponds to the list entry for Cats Protection Glasgow Branch
  • Enter your details, etc. and click on the button 'Proceed'

OK, that's the first step complete. Well done! You are also logged in to the website. You will receive a confirmation email telling you what to do next, We'll look at that email later on but for now let's get your Gift Aid contribution sorted out. (If you ineligible for Gift Aid, skip forward to the instructions for installing the 'Find and Remind' browser add-on.)

Setup Gift Aid

  • Click on the link 'Your account' (in the top right-hand corner of the home page)
  • Click on the link 'Settings'
  • In the section 'Your gift aid settings' fill in your details
  • Click on the button 'Save changes'

Woo, woo! We now get an extra 20% from every donation you make to help our cats. Thanks. Right, what's next? Install the 'Find and Remind' browser add-on.

Install the 'Find and Remind' browser add-on

  • Log into your email account, find the email that easyfundraising have just sent you and click on the 'Download Find and Remind' link
  • Click on the link 'INSTALL NOW' (go through the installation steps - you may need to restart your browser)

So what does 'Find and Remind' do? Well, it's a little pop up box that appears on your browser when you start to shop online with an easyfundraising-supporting retailer. It'll look like the image below. It just lets you know that you can donate to us. All you need to do when you see the box is click on the button 'Claim Donation' when you see the this box appear. Then you can be sure that a percentage of the cost of your online purchase will go to helping out our cats. Brilliant, eh?

For more information on the 'Find and Remind' browser add-on click here.

Try it out!

Anything else? Well, yes. Have a look at that confirmation email again. There's a couple of useful links here (i.e. 'See it working!' and 'Have a look around'). Also the retailers section on the website provides a full list of companies that support this fundraising scheme (there are thousands...thousands!). Or you can just have a browse around the internet for you favourite online shopping websites. If those websites support then the 'Find and Remind' popup box will appear to let you know. Simples!