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Gosport Cats Protection 

We started 2015 with a litter of seven young tabby kittens in care and a waiting list of cats needing to come into care as long as last year. Of course we're here to help stray cats too. We do our very best to help where we can but are always reliant on there being space available with our dedicated volunteer fosterers and good homes being found for those cats in care. 

We encourage owners to have their cats neutered and microchipped, you're doing your pet a big favour by doing this. Cats Protection can go some way to helping with the cost of neutering your cat as financial help is available with this cost. Vouchers are available to people who live in the PO12 - PO14 areas and receive a ‘low income benefit’. They are £25 for male cats, and £40 for female cats. Do contact us on 02392 582601 for vouchers.

As soon as one cat is happily rehomed there's always another feline needing to come into care. However we remain positive and continue to work together for the welfare of all cats as Gosport branch has done over the last 30 years. 

Thank you for your continued support of Gosport Cats Protection in 2015. 


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Cats Protection News

Canine Rescue at Market Day Fundraising!

Canine Rescue at Market Day Fundraising!02-Aug-2015

It was a nice warm sunny day for our volunteers Chris, Carole, Jenny, Clare, Claire, Alicia, Barb and Dawn on 01/08/15 who manned the CP stall throughout the day. Our versatile volunteers turned their hand to canine rescue when Pam encountered a little stray dog after delivering her beautiful hand made cat beds to the stall. The dog was running around South Street and in danger of being run over ...

Chelsea reunited with her Gosport family thanks to CP

Chelsea reunited with her Gosport family thanks to CP19-Jul-2015

Fantastic CP volunteers reunite Chelsea with her Gosport family Shelly Fairbrother and her family including cats Chelsea & Mojo moved from Poole to Williams Close, Rowner on 01/08/14. The two cats proved to be escape artists with Mojo breaking through a locked cat flap on only the second day in their new home and Chelsea following him into the great outdoors. Neither cat was microchipped ...

Bridgemary Carnival

Bridgemary Carnival18-Jul-2015

Chris, Trish, Katherine & Carole spent a lovely day at the Bridgemary Carnival with our Cats Protection stand on Saturday 18th July. A steady flow of customers helped to raise £57.77 and volunteers also chatted to owners about the many benefits of getting their cats neutered and for only £10 during July. Thanks to everyone who helped and supported us including Tony & Ian who ...


Free donations with easyfundraising14-Jul-2015

Did you know that whenever you buy anything online you could be raising a free donation for Gosport Town Cats Protection? Just shop with your favourite retailers and they'll donate a percentage of the amount you spend to us to say thank you for shopping with them. Sign up to easyfundraising Visit retailers via easyfundraising Raise free ...

**Play the weekly Cats Protection Lottery!**

**Play the weekly Cats Protection Lottery!**13-Jul-2015

Want to support Cats Protection and help local cats in care, whilst having the chance to win some amazing prizes? Then our weekly lottery is for you!  The Weekly Lottery is here - players pay £1 a week to have a chance of winning one of 100 prizes, including a weekly jackpot of £1,000 and quarterly Super Draws with up to £5,000 jackpot. This is a fun way of helping to ...


Stanley's story 07-Jul-2015

Gosport Cats Protection became aware of Stanley through Pat, a very kind lady in Bridgemary who’d noticed a tatty and weary tabby cat hobbling beside her cat. The two cats seemed to like each other and Stanley seemed to have an ulterior motive in forming the attachment as this poor soul was hoping for some food. The tactic worked and Pat kept an eye on him ensuring he had plenty to ...

WINNERS - in the Aviva Community Fund

WINNERS - in the Aviva Community Fund29-Jun-2015

THANK YOU for your votes which have helped Gosport Cats Protection in the Aviva Community Fund - we are WINNERS and have secured funds to run a £10 neutering campaign which is just fantastic.As funds were already in place for a £10 neutering campaign in July, Gosport CP will run another £10 campaign in October 2015. This second campaign will mean the kittens born over the summer ...

Market gains!

Market gains!28-Jun-2015

A brilliant £452.59 was raised from the market stall at Gosport on 27/06/15 so it was sunny all round on the day. As always puzzles and games were popular buys and we sold out of our selection of cat baskets, (plastic, wicker and canvas). Some beautiful glassware went for very reasonable prices; we are mindful of pricing items so that they sell quickly but it is disappointing then that ...

Morrisons fundraiser

Morrisons fundraiser21-Jun-2015

CP volunteers Chris, Debbie, Paula, Margaret, Carole & Sarah took the CP information table to Morrisons, Gosport on 19/06/15 and 20/06/15 to spread the news about feline welfare, promote the cats in care needing homes and all the work Gosport CP does in the area. It was great to chat to owners of former CP cats and hear how well everyone is getting on. Always keen to push the neutering ...

The Rainbow Bridge

The Rainbow Bridge 14-Jun-2015

The Rainbow Bridge is a mythological place to which cats (and other pets) go upon their death, eventually to be reunited with their family. We now have a Rainbow Bridge webpage as a gallery of remembrance where much loved cats that are sadly no longer with us can be celebrated. You are invited to include a dedication and photo of your beloved cat. If you would like to make a donation to ...

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