Senior Cats

Please don't overlook Senior Cats

We have several reasons why adopting an older cat might be the best choice for your family or home, and some of the reasons might surprise you.

#1 They're very grateful for your kindness
Senior cats are full of love and are deeply appreciative and grateful to those who are willing to give them a loving home. Senior cats are among the most loving and loyal companions a cat lover could ask for.

#2 They are less destructive and have less behavioral issues
Senior cats are well past the search-and-destroy phase they are less likely to scratch up furniture or pee everywhere if they don't get their way.

#3 They're low maintenance and are easier to take care of
This is especially important if you work alot. Kittens are like mad furry children; they require alot of care and attention to make sure they burn off their excess energy, are properly trained and don't get into any mischief. Senior cats are more independent and calm and can be left alone for long periods of time, like while their owners are at work all day and can cope better with their humans' busy lifestyles.

#4 Their personalities are more established so you know what you're getting
With senior cats you know what you're getting into, how well they might integrate into you household whether or not they can live with other cats or dogs, how well they are suited to live with kids. You have a better understanding of the cats history and how it might behave so you'll know if it's the right cat for you or your family. With kittens you won't know this information what you see is what you get and what you get could be wrong for you.

#5 It means alot
Many mature cats end up in care after giving years of love and through no fault of their own.  They are not ‘defective’ but usually because they have outlived their owner or their owner has had to go into care or hospital they find themselves homeless.
Please stop and look past the age, senior cats are harder to find homes for, and generally the older the cat, the harder it is to rehome. When you adopt a senior cat, you're truly saving a life.