Speaking up for cats - Our Westminster agenda

As one of the nation's favourite pets, cats have always held a special place in the home.

From young families to pensioners almost one in four households has at least one cat (an estimated 10.5 million cats*). Cat owners benefit from the unique love and companionship cats bring.

In this General Election year, 2015, we launched our Manifesto for Cats and are calling on the new Government to put in place measures to protect cats from abandonment, harm and neglect. After a three-month public consultation  93 per cent of participants agreed with all of our 10 suggested manifesto priorities which are designed to benefit cats, owners and society as a whole.

The Manifesto for Cats was unveiled at a parliamentary reception for invited MPs from all parties and guests. The reception was hosted by Neil Parish MP and supported by PetPlan. We were delighted to be joined by the then Minister for Animal Welfare, Lord de Mauley and the then Shadow Minister Angela Smith MP.

Our Manifesto priorities include calls for tighter regulation of the licensing of air guns and banning the use of snares – both of which cause unimaginable pain and suffering, through injury and death, to cats on a daily basis. We're also calling for measures to control the breeding and sale of kittens to drive out unscrupulous breeders and prevent the growing number of unwanted cats.

 It's important that we keep the profile of cat welfare in the minds of our politicians

What can I do?

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Together we can help create a better world for cats.

Thank you for your help.

*PDSA Animal Wellbeing report 2014