The aim of the Branch is to provide a safe and warm sanctuary for the many unwanted cats.  Show the many traumatised cats humans can be kind and loving.  Also pick up the pieces where cats are allowed to go through  life not being neutered and producing litters of kittens.  For instance we have a female cat currently pregnant with her 4th litter aged 2 years.    So below are some of the fabulous cats we have all have their sad stories and many have been with us for several months.

First we have JENNY WREN a 2year Calico Tort just a big ball of fluff needing constant grooming, but she has been allowed to produce several litters and was abandoned by her owner.  As always the neighbours stepped in to provide that security of food and somewhere warm to sleep.  Jenny Wren will probably have her kittens in 2 weeks.  We also have another young Torti Mum living on a Industrial Estate in Wincanton where she had her 3 kittens.  Again through the kindness of the guys working there they were able to get the kittens and we trapped the mother so they are now all warm and safe in a pen.
So shortly the Branch will have our first kittens for 2016 if you want any details please ring the Branch Co-ordinator on 01747 840621 or send an email.
However, it is easy to have a kitten they are  cute and pretty, but why not consider some of our long stayers the unpopular colours for instance Gizmo and Spud gentle loving Black/White Boys they have been with us since November. Or Black Boys like Ivor a gorgeous loving 2 year a stray for months and 6 year Bruno another handsome Black Boy.  Finally the  older cats which aren't getting any interest for instance Tandy a fabulous Ginger Boy aged 9years. Freda a Calico Torti 9 years homeless because her owner has died and a recent addition 10 year Saffy a loving friendly Calico Torti.
Visit our pages of cats available for adoption for more details.
                                            V O L U N T E E R S

Currently just outside Gillingham we have 9 cat pens (now all full) and we are always looking for Volunteers to come and help.  What is involved??   Well firstly you need to drive. Secondly we need people who are willing to help clean the pens, litter trays, refill water bowls, but most importantly allow time to spend giving the cats the love and attention they need.   We need this help in the morning so you need to be with us from around 9:00/9:30 a.m.  We currently have a really great team of ladies - who also help with taking the cats to the vets or even collecting unwanted cats.  It is a really an amazing experience giving time to care for some really traumatised  cats and seeing them gradually blossom ready for rehoming.  If you have a morning to spare please ring Sandy on 01747 840621.
We are also always looking for people who would be willing to Foster cats - again if you want information please ring Sandy on 01747 840621.

We rescue and rehabilitate stray and unwanted cats of all ages across Dorset, parts of Somerset and Wiltshire.
Our aim is to find every cat their "forever home", as well as educating cat owners future and present on neutering and general cat care. We are entirely "not-for-profit" which means that our costs have to be covered by the generosity of donations, volunteers giving up their spare time and income generated from our shop
For more information please take a look around the site, join our facebook community or contact us.