About Us

About our branch.......

The Perth Branch was established in May 2000 with 5 pens. Those pens were in people's gardens, mostly in Perth/Scone area. It soon became apparent that 5 pens were not going to cope with the demand and so today we have around double this in several different locations throughout Perthshire. As a result of this set-up, people looking for cats are not able to visit all of our cats at once, so we operate more like a dating agency and try to match up prospective owners with suitable cats.

On average, we re-home arond 100 cats and kittens every year. As well as dealing with domestic cats, we also help people with feral cats by offering free neutering of those cats to stop their numbers from spiralling out of control.

If you are looking to give a cat a home, please bear in mind the following:- like people, not all our cats are young, pretty, cute and friendly but they all deserve a loving home. Older cats are much quieter, relaxing companions and usually far more grateful than the youngsters!