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Cats Protection can listen if you need to talk...

21 January 2017
Cats Protection can listen if you need to talk...
Sadly, most of us have experienced the upset and grief of losing one of our much loved feline friends and Cats Protection nationally runs a grief support phone line, Paws to listen, to lend a sympathetic ear.

The service is
run thanks to a team of volunteer listeners who offer emotional and practical support to owners experiencing the loss of a cat and provide a sympathetic ear at what is a very difficult time.

The free and confidential phone number is 0800 024 94 94 and the line is open 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday, excluding Bank Holidays.  While the team is unable to offer counselling, they can talk to anyone struggling to cope with pet-related grief as well as provide information about topics such as euthanasia, burial and cremation.  Calls are free and confidential.
For more information, the web link is: www.cats.org.uk/grief