SureFlap discount offer

Sureflap cat flap and feederDo you have problems with intruder cats coming into your house? Do your pets steal each other’s food, or is one of them on a special diet? Or do you find that you waste wet food because it dries out and your pet won't eat it? SureFlap offers a range of award-winning products which solve problems like these experienced by many cat owners.

Thanks to our friends at Sureflap, you can now receive a 15% discount on their products and support Cats Protection at the same time, simply by following the steps below.

How it works:
  1. Click here to visit SureFlap
  2. You will then receive the following discounts:

    • £12 off the Microchip Cat Flap
    • £15 off the DualScan Microchip Cat Flap
    • £18 off the Microchip Pet Door
    • £15 off the SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder
    • £7.50 off the SureFeed Sealed Pet Bowl                    
  3. In addition, for every product sold using this link, Cats Protection will receive a donation equal to the amount you saved.
Alternatively, call 0800 012 4511 to order, quoting the CP20 promotional code.

The difference you could make:

On average, it costs us around £2 to cover the entire cost of care for a cat per day. When you buy from SureFlap, Cats Protection will receive a donation of between £7.50 and £18 depending on the product you purchase. This could cover the cost of caring for a cat for up to 9 days. 

Click here to shop with SureFlap and raise funds for Cats Protection.