Lost and Found

To report your cat as missing, please email:
enquiries@sleaford.cats.org.uk  making the subject line of your email 'Missing cat' followed by your pets name. You will be asked to provide the following information:

- a photo (if possible) of your missing cat
- name of your cat
- age 
- sex
- description of cat (any special markings, colour, coat length etc)
- whether it is neutered
- if micro-chipped
- wearing a collar (if yes, which colour)
- where the cat is missing from
- when the cat was last seen

Please include a contact number to ring you back on - thank you!

We shall use your information to produce a poster to share on our social media that you can print out and display in the local area. We will also post them in the 'Lost Cats' section of our website, please see link below.

All lost cats will be listed on our website for 6 months, if you wish us to keep your cat on for longer then please advise us to do so after the six months.

Lost Cat Information 

  • Don't panic! Make sure you’ve checked all nooks and crannies in the house/garden. Sometimes they like a change of routine just to frighten their owners!- Contact local vets - Foxhall, Kirks, Sleaford, Medivet Quarrington, Heckington (part of the South Lincs Vet group) and Orchard House, Metheringham
  • They all keep a list of lost and found so the cat may be have reported as 'found' to them. People tend to take and report animals to their vet rather than the closest.
  • Contact other charities  - RSPCA, HART, Lincs Arc, Lincoln Cat Care etc
  • Put some of the dirty litter tray out in the garden - they can pick up on the smell if they’re wandering in circles
  • Have someone they love in the family wear an old t-shirt/jumper and get it really hot and sweaty, tear it in strips and tie them round the garden - again they may pick up on the smell (renew if it rains)
  • Knock on doors/put slips through doors asking people to check sheds garages etc.  Cats travel further than you think!
  • Speak to anyone who comes into your area on a regular basis - postman, newspaper delivery, milkman, dog walkers, school children etc
  • Put up posters in local area shops, notice boards, vets, pet shops, newsagents
  • Make yourself known as the crazy cat person by walking the streets calling the cat and making a sound that usually brings them running - like when you call them for their dinner - shaking biscuits, rustling treats, tapping food bowl etc
  • If micro-chipped, contact the microchip company to flag the account as 'lost'
  • Contact the waste department of the local council- they are responsible for collecting any animals found at the side of the road
  • Register missing cat at www.animalsearchuk.co.uk
  • Use social media – Facebook/Twitter etc If you aren’t registered as a user, ask someone to post on your behalf
  • Keep a list of all those organisations your contacted so that when they are found you can let everyone know!

Cats have been reunited weeks/months and even years after being reported missing so please don’t give up hope!