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01 August 2014
Jojo As a branch we see hundreds of cats and kittens come and go through our doors every year. Some are lovely, some are cute, and some have that special 'X-factor' - Jojo is one of the special ones. For those of us that call her poor owner a friend, Jojo has us crying with laughter at her daily antics. Hard to believe the beautiful ball of fluffy mischievousness, was a very sickly kitten indeed......and a very good example of why we fosterers and other volunteers do what we do. This is an update from her long suffering maid to celebrate the 2nd birthday of Jojo:

'Jojo has a birthday this weekend Two years ago Jojo came into the hands of Sleaford Cats Protection along with her sister Erica. A tiny little kitten who fitted into my pocket. When I first saw her in her pen, she looked like this and was so weak, she couldn't stand up and had to be bathed by her foster Mum to keep her clean. I fell in love with her instantly when I picked her up and looked into lifeless eyes. My little pocket rocket did make it through and now is the light of my life with her antics. There has been tears and laughter, but most of all the satisfaction that this little kitty is so happy and will never know what it's like to suffer again. Neither will her sister Eki who thankfully went to a good home too with my friend Mo. Can't believe my little pocket rocket is now two!!! She is the most loving, happy and precious kitty. Love you little fur ball....Happy Birthday XXXXXXXXXXX'