What is a fosterer? Well, essentially someone who looks after a cat or kitten under Cats Protection (CP) care. This could be a stray, signed over cats, wandering toms, mummies and babies…anything that is a domestic feline really! CP provides outside pens and their electric supply, litter, food, veterinary expenses and consumables. The fosterer supplies care, attention and fuss and generally acts as the temporary maid and butler to the feline until a permanent one comes along. Although CP does have multi-pen adoption centres in some of the major cities out here in the country we are all volunteers. This is a very rewarding task but although there are lovely fluffy kittens and cuddly older pusses there are also the 4 “P”S of animal welfare…poo, puke, pee and pus – so not really suitable for those of a delicate disposition! Experience and liking for cats as a pet owner is essential but other fosterers will mentor any newbies and there are also some really good courses run by HQ that take place periodically in the local area (often in Lincoln for us). So, you don’t need to be an expert or a veterinary nurse or female…just enthusiastic and happy to work as a team. Chaps are short on the ground apart from pressganged spouses and partners so are very welcome- don’t be shy!

Some of our fosterers use a dedicated spare room in their house (which does limit the types of cat/kitten that are appropriate e.g. most definitely NOT a very aromatic newly caught tomcat!). Most of our fosterers use a dedicated and specially built outside pen laid on slabs similar to those seen in a commercial cattery. Fosterers can have a single pen or several pens but we encourage people to start with one at first.

As it costs quite a lot to set up a fosterer (about £4000 a pen when all costs are factored in) you do need to be sure that this is for you as we need to be sure you can volunteer for at least 3-5 years. You also need to be either an owner-occupier or have a secure long term lease to be an outside fosterer or just your landlord’s permission for inside fostering...

If all of the above applies to you…please join us!! Either ring our telephone line on 07917 517394 or contact us via Facebook, message on our page “Cats Protection Sleaford and District” or speak to anyone you know at Sleaford CP and they will point you in the right direction. Please be prepared to leave a message if no-one is in.We will get back to you.

This is a new 4' wide Lindee-Lu pen of the type our fosterers now have installed



Fundraising volunteer

As a charity we are able to help thousands of cats each year thanks to the generous donations we receive from members of the public. Our fundraising volunteers use their passion for cats and people to raise the vital funds needed to help more cats and kittens in need. As a fundraising volunteer we want to support you to fundraise in whatever way suits you best – whether that’s organising a fundraising event, fundraising online, promoting fundraising activities on social media, completing administration or supporting the development of new fundraising ideas! Whatever your skill set, this could be the role for you!

Closing date: 04 May 2024