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Please become a Cats Protection SponsorFor as little as 19p a day

Hungry, homeless and alone, every day hundreds of unwanted cats arrive at Cats Protection. Sponsoring one of our cat pens is one of the best ways you can help, providing them with shelter, warmth, food, medical care and the love they need. It's easy to become a sponsor right now, for as little as 19p a day. To get started, just choose the cat and pen you'd like to sponsor from the gallery below.

Am I sponsoring just one cat?

No, you 'll help lots! As a Cats Protection Sponsor you'll sponsor a pen at one of our adoption centres. So whenever we rehome a cat that's being cared for in your pen, we will update you and tell you about their new forever home. Then a new cat in need will take their place and we will introduce you to that cat as well. Over time you will be able to help cat after cat, and you will always be able to look back at all the cats you have sponsored in your personal sponsor area.

Cats Protection Sponsorship

Cats Protection Sponsorship (transcript of infographic)

Why sponsor a cat?
There are thousands of cats in our care at any one time.
Each cat in our care is given a health check, which costs £150. The health check includes blood tests, neutering, microchipping and inoculations.

What else does your sponsorship go towards?
Pen - A cosy heated cat pen full of snuggly blankets, hidey-holes and toys. Plus, there’s an outside run too.
Food - Nutritious meals every day and food for special diets.
Care - From a simple health check to mending broken bones or treatment for serious conditions. Just an importantly, they’ll be fussed and made to feel loved too.