Lost and Found

Help list for when your cat goes missing

If your cat goes missing, firstly check with;

1) Local Vets
) Local social media sites   https://www.facebook.com/StranraerCatsProtectionBranch/

3) Local Animal Rescue Organisations, Cats Protection local branches via www.cats.org.uk and SSPCA              03000 999 999

4) Neighbours sheds/garages and any other outbuildings

5)  Police call 101 to report your cat missing

6) Council Roads Department.  For Stranraer area telephone: 01776 706030

7) National pet registers of missing and found animals. Petsearch and Animal search have websites.
Animal search is linked with Cats Protection visit their website on www.animalsearchuk.co.uk

Also, put notices in local shops, especially the vets and pet shops and make 'flyers' for neighbouring houses and streets. 
Keep active in your search and check the lost and found pages of the above mentioned charities frequently.

To post your cat missing in Wigtownshire on our Stranraer & District branch website call: 0345 371 2759
or e-mail: coordinator@stranraer.cats.org.uk  or contact us on Face Book
It is important to send us a photo  & post one to facebook of your missing cat, you will have a better chance of someone recogising your cat.
Keep in touch with us on facebook   https://www.facebook.com/StranraerCatsProtectionBranch/  button at bottom of our Home page.

Please keep us updated if you find your cat, most people don't bother!

Found cats

If you have found a cat that you think is lost or abandoned, please send a photo in of it, so we can post it on our page.
If you can, get it to the local vets to be scanned for a chip, failing this we may be able to get a volunteer out to scan it.
We can issue paper collars to put on it, in case it is going home and the owner can let us know.

Any cats that are thought to be neglected or abused need to be reported to the SSPCA 03000 999 999

Contact us on 0345 371 2759
Email: coordinator@stranraer.cats.org.uk
or via Face Book  see link above.

Go to full list of our lost and found cats for more information.