Lost and Found

If you have lost a cat or found a cat, please contact us on the number below.

Lost Cats - we would recommend that you check the following:

All local shelters as well as ours
Local vets
Look for found posters in the area that the cat went missing
Place lost posters in the area that the cat went missing
Check garages, sheds, workshops etc in the area

If your cat is micro-chipped, then call one of the national registers:

Petlog 0870 606 6751
Animalcare (identichip) 01904 487 600

Found Cats - we would ask that you do the following:

Register the cat as found with all the local rescue shelters in the area
Contact local vets to see if cat is microchipped
Consider placing adverts locally and on lost pet websites below
Ask around in the local area

Other organisations that could help are:

Petsearch Website - www.ukpetsearch.freeuk.com
AnimalSearch UK www.animalsearchuk.com