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Our branch here at Three Rivers and Watford is run purely for our love of cats and wanting to help an animal in distress, to find a happy permanent home. We don’t get paid for our work and therefore local fundraising is crucial to our branch's existence. Your donations, no matter how large or small, will make a huge difference to the lives of the cats and kittens in our care. Without you we simply wouldn't be able to continue with our valuable work. Thank you for your support


DONATIONS It costs lots of money each day to keep a cat at one of our fosterers homes - in addition to all the basics such as food, litter, heating, we pay all medical bills- flea treatments, blood tests, neutering, vaccinations, and microchips.  For each cat/ kitten that comes into our care the vet bill alone can be on average £110.  When you take into account our rehoming fee is only £75 you can understand why donations and fundraising is so important.  Therefore if you feel you would like to make an online donation to our branch please click on the donate button at the top right hand corner of each page!

'EASYFUNDRAISING'  Do you go on holiday? Do you ever buy anything online? perhaps you do your weekly shop online? or perhaps are looking to change energy providers.  Whatever it is, we can earn as you buy and it will not cost you a penny more!  Just sign up today to 'Easyfundraising' - use it when you buy and the rest is history. So PLEASE signup today using the link below and you'll be helping the cats and kittens in our care.

You can become a member of the Branch for only £5 a year.  You will receive 3 to 4 Newsletters a year filled with news, information of fundraising events and details of cats that we have assisted. If you would like to become a member, please email us with your details here

FOSTERERS We rely heavily on the dedication of our superb team of fosterers. They offer safety, consistency and most importantly love to a cat who has found itself neglected or abandoned due to the change of circumstances or death of the owner. Our fosterers temporarily house our cats in their own homes whilst they undergo veterinary checks and until a permanent home can be found for them. All expenses are paid for while the animal is in their care although many of our fosterers choose to buy their own food, litter, toys as an added donation to the branch which is a great help. If you have a spare room which is warm and quiet, a love of cats, time to spend socialising them and the ability to not become overly attached you may be the perfect household for fostering! Many cats for instance come from a household where the owner has passed away so it gives great satisfaction to know this once treasured family pet is being kept happily within a home environment rather than becoming depressed or stressed in a pen.

We have a well-established group of fundraisers- some have been working with us for over 15years! And have a good calendar of events that we attend each year with great success! If you’re having a spring clean and have old clothes, unwanted gifts, old toys, books or bric-a-brac please think of us as we always need items to sell. We can arrange collection/delivery to suit you and can take almost anything apart from large pieces of furniture or electrical items. Alternatively, come and meet us at one of our events and see if there’s anything that catches your eye at one of our stalls or table top sales.

WILLED DONATIONS Cats Protection is always pleased to be remembered in Wills. Fortunately many of our members and supporters decide to reward the happiness given to them by their own cats by leaving either a specific sum of money or a proportion of the residuary estate to our charity. It is important to specify that you wish the legacy to go to the Three Rivers and Watford Branch of Cats Protection. We rely heavily upon such generous gifts in order to continue the ever-increasing work with abandoned, homeless and injured cats.

If your cat is anything like most cats there will be one flavour of cat food in a selection box they won't eat. We will gratefully accept these sachets and tins!  Just collect them together and, when you have a bag or box full, donate them to us. It can be handed in to us at any of our events, or we can collect.

As of March 2013, we have been using eBay in order to sell the higher priced or just quirky specialist items we have received from donations. We have been delighted with our initial sales taking a staggering £220 from selling only 3 beautiful items to lucky bidders in our first month! Our use of eBay is in its infancy and will improve over time so watch this space!

Support us by liking our page and following our news. Cats available for rehoming are advertised here as well as our website and we are happy to share news, photos and stories of silly cat capers to bring smiles to your day.

Recommend our branch if someone you know is looking to get a cat. Talk about us to everyone you meet. Tell them what we do and who we are. Even though we are quite well known locally, people are often surprised to hear that we don’t keep cats in pens rather using in-home fostering, and that we keep our commitment to never putting a healthy cat down.

Finally, EDUCATE. Support us in teaching children that an animal is not a disposable item to be discarded when the novelty wears off. Teach them to love animals and treat them with kindness. Teach them about neutering, the commitment and the cost of keeping animals on a day to day basis.