Ignore the old wives' tales

*Update* - 4 September 2012 - Following today’s press reports about a parasite said to be spread by cats, Cats Protection would like to point out that statistically a cat owner is no more or less likely to contract Toxoplasma gondii than a non-cat owner. Click here to read more

Cats Protection receives hundreds of calls from pregnant women every year concerned about catching toxoplasmosis from their cat.
To coincide with National Family Week (30 May to 5 June) we decided to produce this leaflet to allay their fears and try to banish the misconception that cats and pregnancy don’t mix. We also conducted some research which found that almost seven out of ten women admitted they were worried they could catch something from their pet while pregnant and 60% were concerned that their cat could pass on an illness to their new baby (see our press release here).

We’re hoping by raising awareness of this issue, we can reduce the number of unwanted cats handed over to the charity unnecessarily.
toxo warning cartoon copyright Eat%44 Sleep%44 Sniff 2011


UK mums are confused and concerned over the advice they receive about cats and pregnancy, according to latest research conducted by Cats Protection.

Find out about our findings in our press release.