Dogs Trust Freedom Project

Background to the Dogs Trust Freedom Project
Freedom project poster
You’ll already know a lot about the important work of Cats Protection. You’ll have heard about our neutering work, the education we provide and, no doubt, the number of cats we rehome every year. What you may not know is how we work in partnership with Dogs Trust Freedom Project to help the pets of families torn apart by domestic abuse. We know that for many victims, leaving violent relationships or home is made impossible simply because they cannot bear to lose their pets or to put them at risk.

Very few local authorities provide facilities for boarding pets and most refuges for those escaping such abuse are unable to accept pets.

We provide a free fostering service taking care of Freedom Project cats until their owners are in a position to reclaim them. Since working in partnership with the Dogs Trust Freedom Project, we have helped over 300 cats. The service is currently available to people seeking places at emergency refuges in Greater London and Hertfordshire.

How the Dogs Trust Freedom Project is run

The Dogs Trust Freedom Project advertises its services throughout refuges and women’s projects across the Greater London area.  In addition posters and information cards are sent to various services in the area.

Referrals are dealt with by our colleagues at Dogs Trust who in turn contact Cats Protection’s Freedom Project Coordinator who will find a suitable fosterer.

All information concerning the client and the foster carer is confidential. The fosterer will not know the identity or the whereabouts of the cat owner and visa versa. The owner is not able to visit their cat whilst it is being fostered however we visit the fosterer on a regular basis and monthly updates are provided to the owner.

Freedom Project cats can only be placed in a home where there are no other cats or dogs and they must be kept indoors for the period they are fostered.

We are on the look out for Fosterers for the Dogs Trust Freedom Project in the South East of England. To search for volunteering roles in your area, please click here

Download a Freedom Project Fostering Application form - Click here

The cost of cat food, litter and veterinary expenses will be paid for by Cats Protection and all cats will be microchipped, vaccinated and neutered if necessary. We will also provide relevant equipment like litter trays, feeding bowls, bed, scratching post etc. Once a cat has been placed with a fosterer, they will receive ongoing support and regular visits from Cats Protection throughout the foster period. To help fund this, you can donate to the project here

You can see the Dogs Trust Freedom Project webpage by clicking here