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FIV - Positive!

05 December 2016
FIV or Feline Immunodefficiency virus is similiar to HIV in humans is thought to affect 4% of the domestic cat population.The virus itself is not life threatening, instead it reduces a cats immune system, however there is no reason why infected cats can't life full, healthy lives given a few extra precautions.

FIV positive cats need to be kept indoors and cannot mix with cats who are not also FIV+ (although there is no risk to humans). They will also require a high quality diet and preventative treatments such as vaccinations, deflea and wormers to keep them in the best of health.

Due to their specific requirements FIV+ can take much longer to rehome than other cats, but that is not to say it is impossible! 

If you feel that you could take on an FIV+ cat please do get in touch on 01970 822120 or email cpl.aber@gmail.com

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When Sox came into our care in February 2016 he was in a very poor state. Terrified of any human contact and thoroughly miserable we were sure he had suffered some form of abuse and he clearly had a broken tail. With huge patience and dedication from his foster carer Sox gradually began to come out of his shell and realise that people meant him no harm. 

Poor Sox didn't seem to have a lot going for him but finally someone decided to give him the second chance he deserves and he has been adopted by a family across the country in Southampton!

It will be a long road for Sox and his new family but we are hoping with lots of love he will finally learn to trust again and we wish him every success.
Annie came into our care in May 2016 after her owner sadly died. She had always been an indoor cat so we suspect she contract FIV from her mother
as a kitten. 

Annie is a lovely girl, very affectionate and chatty but due to her FIV+ she still had to wait 190 days to find her forever home. Thankfully Annie has now been adopted and is already acting like she owns the place!