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Jessicat's Thyroid Operation

14 November 2016

Sweet, smart and inquisitive, Jess likes to know what's behind every cupboard door. She is around ten years of age but looks and behaves as though she is 3 or 4.

She has an incredibly impressive vocabulary which includes phrases like: "Arp! Ap! Mip!" "Oh? Ow! Owerr! Ow?" "Brrap! Ipp! Nrrorrr!" and our personal favourite, "Nang nang!"

Jess suffers from hyperthyroidism. The medication she receives for this condition causes her itchiness and hair loss, and because she is such a healthy cat in every other regard Jess is a perfect candidate for a thyroid removal operation. This operation costs around £300-400. Please help us to raise money for Jess and for cats like Jess who need vital operations and medical treatments to extend and improve their quality of life.

Get in touch if you have an item you would like to donate, or why not have a bid on some of the items!