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Panther: FIV - Positive!

02 September 2019
Panther: FIV - Positive! Panther may once have been a pet cat, but he had to fend for himself on a caravan site for many years and it is here where we suspect he aqcuired the FIV virus through fighting with other cats for food and shelter. 

FIV or Feline Immunodefficiency virus is similiar to HIV in humans is thought to affect 4% of the domestic cat population.The virus itself is not life threatening, instead it reduces a cats immune system, however there is no reason why infected cats can't life full, healthy lives given a few extra precautions.

FIV positive cats need to be kept indoors and cannot mix with cats who are not also FIV+ (although there is no risk to humans). They will also require a high quality diet and preventative treatments such as vaccinations, deflea and wormers to keep them in the best of health.

Due to their specific requirements FIV+ can take much longer to rehome than other cats, but that is not to say it is impossible! 

Now his fighting days are over Panther would like to settle down and find a permanent home. He is a big black adorable chap, keen to sit on your lap and love you to bits. He needs to trust his new owner, and may be suspicious at first, but once he's confident he is a truly sweet guy. He loves living indoors, is happy, healthy and perfectly housetrained. He loves his grub, and gentle (but firm!) human company.

Panther would prefer a home with adults only and no other pets. We believe him to be about six or seven years old.

If you feel that you Panther could be your puurfect companion please do get in touch on 01970 822120 or email adoption@aberystwyth.cats.org.uk

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