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Tales of survival: Wyatt

18 June 2018
Tales of survival: Wyatt

Wyatt, named because he was found roaming ‘out west’, is a tom who, prior to coming into Cats protection, was fending for himself in a large garden in Silian.  It was thought that he may have belonged to the owner of the property who had passed away six months before Wyatt was found.  He was underfed, a severely matted coat (which had to be cut away by the vet), and very wary of human contact.  A full check at the vets established that he was in general good health although in need of worming and flea treatment, which he got along with being neutered.

Initially, Wyatt would back away if approached and hiss.  He would also claw if you tried to stroke him.  Within a week however, he became a different cat, allowing stroking and being picked up.  He still would only allow it on his terms and let you know when he had had enough.  Another week on and change again.  Now he would call you to his cage, (small chirruping noises) and craved social interaction.  Stroking and purring now came natural. It was also at this time that his ‘playful’ nature became apparent.  A ball of string with a small toy tied to the end gave him endless pleasure and exercise, interspersed with coming for several strokes at regular intervals.

Wyatt has become a lovely cat.  There is a need to remember that he has had hard times in his life and make allowances for an occasional lapse (which is now very rare).  A lot of attention and love will be more than repaid.  A family with no children, or perhaps, older children would be ideal for him.  We are not sure how Wyatt would interact with other pets so can offer no advice regarding this scenario.  To sum up, loving and playful and definitely loyal to his human companion. If this is you, you will not be disappointed in your decision to adopt.

To adopt Wyatt or for more information please call us on 01970822120