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Adopt a cat

Our branch cares for and rehomes many cats and kittens every year. If you are looking for that special companion then we may be able to help you in your search.   At present, this branch can only take a very small number of cats into our care at any one time, due to our limited number of fosterers and Pens. 

Cats come into our care for many reasons, some have been abandoned, some are strays or their owners had to give them up for various reasons. We believe that all cats - from young kittens through to Golden Oldies - deserve a second chance to find the loving home that they truly deserve.

Overlooked......but not over the hill

Older cats are harder to re-home as people prefer to take on younger ones. It's the downside of the wonders of modern veterinary medicine as more and more mature cats live well into their late teens and even their twenties. Older cats can stay in our branches for months when all they really want is a loving new home.

With their wandering and hunting days behind them, older cats are often more sociable and loving than young cats and they'll seek out human contact and a nice comfy lap. Despite the fact that they have so much to offer, older cats are constantly overlooked. So please think about re-homing an older cat.