Casper - The King Prawn King

Casper The King Prawn KingI went to see a couple of kittens at one of your fosterers (Gail) but was totally taken by a huge tomcat in the pen next door. He had been with Gail for a while and not rehomed as yet. He had very sore eyes which he kept tightly shut. Gail explained that he was approx 5 years old and had ingrowing eyelids and had an operation to help fix. I went home and discussed Casper with my husband who immediately said "yes, Casper is the cat for us". We got him on 2nd March 2010. He has now had a further operation on his eyes (funded by Cats Protection) and is the most loving cat I have ever met. We spoil him rotten! When he came back from the vet after his second op, I had bought some king prawns as a treat, because I felt so sorry for him. Bad mistake.... he now thinks there is a magic white box in the kitchen where king prawns live. As soon as we set foot in the kitchen, Casper runs past us and plants himself in front of the fridge! JM