Ember - Happy Endings

Dear Alness Cats,
I thought I'd let you know how I am getting on with the new humans you found for me.  I have to say it's been even easier than I imagined to wrap them around my little paw and I am having the 'Life of Riley' here.  They have bought me several new beds but it wasn't necessary as I have found a really big one upstairs which is much better, and if a stretch myself across it no-one else can get in it which is a fine arrangement for me.  I do have to work a bit for my keep, by chasing house spiders and flies but between you and me it's quite fun so I don't mind too much.  I have also found a lovely wooden bookcase which is great for scratching (much better than scratching posts I think) and I especially like to sit on my humans knee while she is trying to use the computer.  I've been outside once but it was a bit scary so I'm sticking to indoors for now although one of my favourite spots is on the window sill where I can watch the birds and I am wondering if they will make a tasty snack.  Thank you for looking after me before I came here and continuing to help my cat chums and I hope you will find them good homes where they will be pampered as much as me.  Ember