This is Freddie, who came to us from Alness Cats in 2011. Freddie has fitted really well into our family which contain 2 very boisterous Chocolate Labs, Freddie rules the roost! He brings so much joy to our lives, we would be lost without him. He was a kitten of 10 months when he arrived at our cottage. He had never been out of his last owners kitchen. Never been around dogs! Now he's like a teenager! Comes and goes as he pleases and treats the place like a hotel! But the on the plus side we have a wonderful, loving cat who loves cuddles, loves playing in the garden. He follows us when we go down the shore with the dogs (Fudge & Tilly). He plays with the dogs and when i get time i will put online the antics of our beloved Freddie, playing and sleeping with the dogs. The team at Alness Cats have always been at the end of the phone for us regarding any queries, they want whats best for us humans not just the cat/kitten. If you have room in your heart and your home and are considering a cat/kitten, please please see Alness Cats before heading out to buy from a breeder. There are some wonderful animals in their care just like our Freddie.