Older Cats

Katie in her cosy basketGOLDEN OLDIES

Why adopt a mature cat?

Older cats are generally quieter and more sensible than kittens and young cats. They are usually used to household life - more likely to doze while leaving your furnishings intact - and know the ground rules of living with people. In general they need less supervision.

The mature cat is more placid than a kitten and usually content to spend much of his time watching the world go by. He is more home-loving and settled, making an excellent companion. If you enjoy pampering your cats, an older cat enjoys the attention more than a kitten.

Many older cats will happily potter about the garden with you. They are usually much more home-centred and less likely to wander off on long hunting expeditions than a younger cat.

Older cats are often more talkative than younger cats. As they spend less time in physical activiites, they have more time to express their opinions. Some may simply be seeking reassurance, but others become remarkably chatty, taking a more vocal interest in their owners activities. As they grow older, most cats become more sociable, though a few can be described as cantankerous!