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Homeward bound for Zephyr three years after disappearance

16 October 2015
Homeward bound for Zephyr three years after disappearance

There was good news last week for curious cat Zephyr as he was reunited with his owner three years after going missing.

The black and white moggy became lost after moving into his new home in Newhaven with his owner Gillian Peacock back in 2012. Despite many searches, he was never found and Gillian soon moved on from the area to undertake a university course in North Wales. It was only recently that she received a phone call from staff at Cats Protection’s National Cat Adoption Centre in Chelwood Gate to say that Zephyr had been found, thanks to the details on his microchip.

'Out of the blue I received a call from Cats Protection to say Zephyr had been found. I was delighted to be reunited with Zephyr and slightly amazed that he had been returned after such a time gap. Microchipping was a good investment' said Gillian.

The centre’s staff follow a strict procedure that cats found as strays are always scanned for a microchip. Zephyr had recently been handed in as a stray living in Newhaven – it was only due to finding Gillian’s details that he could be reunited with his owner.

National Cat Adoption Centre deputy manager Tania Marsh said: 'It’s so wonderful to be able to reunite missing cats with their owners and this case is no exception. Zephyr’s story just goes to show why microchipping is so important.'