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Ready, set, Tour de Vet!

21 April 2015
Ready, set, Tour de Vet! 21 April 2015

A duo of veterinary specialists is set to tour around the UK by bicycle to raise thousands of pounds for Cats Protection.

Dr Margie Scherk and veterinary anaesthesia specialist Mike Brampton will be cycling approximately 800 miles through May 2015 and delivering training to the veterinary profession. They aim to raise £10,000 for the cats in our care.

Mike undertook a similar venture last year and successfully raised funds for another animal charity.

Margie says: "I love to cycle. When I heard that Mike was cycling across England in 2014 to coach clinics in anaesthesia and monitoring while raising money for charity, I got the crazy idea that we should repeat the feat in a different region of the country in 2015, this time raising money for feline welfare.

"By working together, we can make the clinic experience less stressful for our feline patients, their people and the veterinary team. Behaviour problems are the number one reason for relinquishment of cats. By giving the veterinary team and caregiver the right tools, we can keep cats in homes and out of shelters. It seemed fitting that the charity of choice be Cats Protection."

To find out more visit www.tourdevet.co.uk or donate to the challenge at www.justgiving.com/Tour-De-Vet2 

Photo caption: The Mayoral send-off in 2014 from Worthing’s Mayor Bob Smitherman
Photo credit: Tour de Vet 2014