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Fundraising During a Pandemic

28 April 2020
Fundraising During a Pandemic

Life as we all know it has been significantly affected by the Covid-19 outbreak and rescuing is no exception.

As an organisation, we are doing our part to comply with the UK Government’s guidance in response to managing the Covid-19 outbreak which has inevitably impacted the way we work for now. For example, we have had to temporarily pause rehoming and our ability to fundraise face to face or through events has disappeared at present. ALL of the Armagh Branch fundraising events for this year have been cancelled until further notice and there is no indication that those we were planning for later in 2020 will be able to go ahead.

Despite this, our volunteers continue to care for cats who are already with us and those cats who are in most serious need of emergency care. The litter still needs changed, the food and water bowls are filled and our cats are given the attention, play and any treatment they require as all cats should be!

But our cats will stay with us for longer, at a time when donations have dwindled. In response, we have launched specific fundraising efforts as a result of the current pandemic and recovery period which will follow.

Our branch operates on:

  1. PUBLIC donations (don't forget GiftAid when donating if eligible);
  2. The will-power, time and dedication of VOLUNTEERS;
  3. With support from the CP REGIONAL AND NATIONAL STAFF as well as local vets who carryout medical treatment on our cats.

Every penny and every pound can help us meet the needs of cats currently in our care for longer and those who will come into our care. So, if you can, I urge you to consider donating to one of our appeals or challenges.

Thank you for your continued support on behalf of the volunteers at the Armagh Branch, CP staff and most importantly our VIPs – the cats and kittens we all care for!

Colleen – Armagh Branch Fundraising Team Lead (Volunteer)

The UK Charity Sector 2.6 Challenge

Armagh Crazy Cats 2.6 Challenge for Cats Protection Armagh Branch

2.6 challenge Autumn

Armagh Branch volunteers have taken up the challenge to walk at least 2.6 miles per day each, with the aim of completing a virtual marathon in the shortest time possible! Mileage will be recorded via our steps counters, and will include laps in and around our own homes and gardens as well as the daily permitted outside exercise time.


Kathleen, Drew, Kyle, Donna, Colleen, Claire, Dympna and Claire wlaked a combined and exceed their £250 fundraising target by reaching £261 to date! Fabulous result to achieve during Covid-19 lockdown and complying with restrictions - no more laps around the living room and garden hopefully!

If you still wish to donate to this challenge, please click HERE.

Armagh Branch is Still #HerefortheCats

Every cat is special and at challenging times like these they bring joy into our lives. They’re here for us when we’re feeling worried or lonely, here to distract us and help the days pass and here as a great comfort and source of joy.

We are also here for them and hope you can help us continue caring for and treating for cats currently in our care and our future intake.

You can read more and donate to the Armagh Branch’s modest £500 appeal target to help support our cats now and in the months ahead HERE

For more information generally on methods of supporting us please visit the Support Us page. If you are interested in volunteering with us, visit the Volunteering section or Contact Us.