Golden Oldies

Loyal, loving, fascinating, affectionate, individual, charming, smart, cuddlesome, purring...Golden Oldies...


Many people adopt kittens and the poor golden oldies are left on the shelf waiting out their years in pens when all they need is a loving caring family to give them the love and affection an older cat needs...

Please think twice about adopting a kitten, we oldies have a lot to offer, take a look:

  • The personality of an older cat is already known - making it easier to match you with the right cat!
  • Older cats are generally less demanding than youngsters, and need less supervision, so If you work outside the home, an adult cat is much better able to content itself while you are out than a youngster
  • Most older cats are seeking little more than a warm lap, regular food and love!
    If you have an older cat already, another oldie, carefully introduced, can be less stressful for him/her than a kitten
  • The older cat is far less likely to catch birds and mice than a youngster, or at least much less often
  • Adult cats from a  rescue centre will be neutered, litter trained and calmer than a youngster
  • Cats regularly live into their late teens these days, so most seniors will have many years of life and love to give
  • A senior puss is unlikely to leap up on your shelves and knock your ornaments off, or to climb up your curtains!
  • Mature mogs are so grateful to have found a loving home again - they will repay your love ten-fold! 

Thankyou for looking at us senior kitizens it would make us so happy to have our own sofa to curl up on and sleep. Thank you Meow!!

Adopt a Golden Oldie with Confidence!

Cats over the age of 10 years can be more difficult to rehome, as people are concerned about the vet bills. For this reason our branch has come up with a solution - The Golden Oldie Scheme! When you adopt a cats protection cat over the age of 10, we will pay for any current condition identified by one of our specified vets at the time of homing.  There will be some contibution required by the new owner:

  • The first £25 is payable by the adopter

  • Up to £150 the adopter pays 10%

  • Up to £250 the adopter pays 15%

  • Over £250 the adopter pays 20%