Protect your cats this summer

With the sunshine starting to make more of an appearance it is important that you take measures to protect your cats from the harmful rays that the sun emits. Just like in humans cats can get sun burned and skin cancer. Pictured here is Fluffy, one of our rescue cats in care who had to have both her ears removed due to cancer. Skin cancer tends to affect white or predominantly white cats. This is because white cats lack the protective pigment that other cats have. Skin cancer most frequently occurs on the tips of the ears, sparsely haired areas around the ear base and eyelids, and the tip of the nose. This form of skin cancer can be painful, unsightly, and ultimately fatal unless diagnosed and treated early.  In order to protect you pet puss from the suns harmful rays white cats and cats with white on their face, should not be outdoors during peak hours of sun exposure – especially around midday.  This is the best way of protecting your pet. Applying sun cream to ears and noses just encourages the cat to lick it off! So the next time the sun is blazing please think about your cat and keep them indoors

Bobby & Shilo
This is the heart warming story about a special bond that developed between one of our old and young cats - Shilo and Bobby. Shilo was an old black puss who had been living as a stray for quite some time. We can only imagine what awful trauma this poor cat had endured. When he first arrived in our care he didn't move from his little bed for months. His foster mum Betty never saw him walk! Shilo only left his bed when there was no-one around. Shilo was very loving though and would nudge your hand for continuous strokes from the comfort of his bed. It was evident that he had no confidence and was very shy and timid. If you picked him up from his little bed his tail would go between his legs and he would dart straight back. Nearly 12 months passed with little improvement.

....then Bobby came along. A lovely young black puss who was very playful and confident - the absolute opposite of Shilo. Bobby would chatter away in his pen and during cleaning time wander up to the front of Shilo's pen to chatter some more. We soon noticed that Shilo began to chatter back to Bobby and as the weeks passed when Shilo saw Bobby approaching he would leave his little secure bed and go and greet Bobby and they would chatter away together. Shilo was at last starting to make an improvement.

We then got a call from someone interested in rehoming Shilo (the only person to show an interest in 12 months). We explained that he would be a cat with 'issues' as he still had very little confidence around humans and it would take a long while for him to trust again. When Shilo's prospective owner came to see him, they popped into the next pen to see Bobby and decided to take them both home. Wonderful news! We can report that they are doing absolutely fine and have settled in marvelously. Shilo has come on leaps and bounds in a very short time. He has been sitting on his new owners lap and playing with his toys. A massive thanks to Shilo and Bobby's new owner for giving Shilo the chance he deserved and for keeping these two beautiful boys together.


Happy Ending for one of our Feral Kittens



This is little Bailey and she is one of our feral kittens who has since been rehomed. Isn't she adorable? Our branch has been working hard in trapping feral kittens and socialising them so they can go on to have a lovely life in a home. This little girl was a feral found in Salford, and after a lot of time, love and patience from one of our fosterers has become a lovely little puss. Bailey is now a happy, beautiful puss who is enjoying life with her new family. She gets lots of love and affection from her new family and is a wonderful companion. She certainly knows what she wants and tells them when she wants feeding, cuddling or to play. A big thanks to Bailey's new owners for adopting one of our feral kittens and to all our volunteers who are continuing to trap, neuter and rehome the many feral kittens and cats that live in the surrounding area. We believe that all cats, whether feral or domestic deserve a good life.

Our branch is currently experiencing a great problem with feral cats and we have had lots of calls from people telling us about litters of feral kittens in the area. We are making a desperate appeal to our supporters for help. As we are only a small branch we just do not have the capacity to take all these kittens in for socialisation and rehoming. We are confident that the little kittens we have been able to rescue will be suitable for rehoming after our fosterers have spent time with them and given them lots of love. However, there are a great deal of kittens which we just won't be able to accommodate and as a result they won't be suitable for rehoming in a domestic environment (unlike Bailey, pictured here!) However, these cats will be ideal farm cats and great mousers! If you know of anyone who has a small holding or farm who can give a home to any of these kittens then please ring Sue on 01942 711101 or email Thanks for your support!

Rambo's Story

This is Rambo and he is a very special cat indeed. We have never met a cat quite like him! He came into us in a very bad state, as you can see from his picture he needed his ear amputating which was cancerous. Rambo was also very skinny, with matted fur and full of fleas! Despite everything he had endured and the treatment he has had while in our care he has never once grumbled. He recently had his staples removed from his ear which must have hurt poor Rambo, yet he just looked up knowingly at his foster mum as if to say, "this needs to be done!" Rambo is by no means a young cat but he is a very brave and beautiful creature who purrs his way through life! I think we can all learn something valuable from him! We were worried that Rambo would get overlooked when it came to re-homing as he wasn't a young boy, only had one ear and looked a little rough round the edges! However, Rambo has found a new home and his new family instantly fell in love with him, just like we all did at Cats Protection. We're over the moon that Rambo has found a new home but we will miss him terribly. We wish him all the luck for the future and we will never forget this brave little fighter who touched all our hearts. X