Poems for puss

Here is a poem that one of our fosterers sent in about what to do with her cat Macy! Thanks to Jackie for sharing this with us!

 My Cat Macy

What can I do
With my Russian Blue
Who's a love and a dear
But chews my dogs ear
What can I do
With my Russian Blue                                
That sits on my lap
For a quick cheeky nap
What can I do
With my Russian Blue
When she slides across the floor
And just misses the door
I'll tell you what I'll do
With my Russian Blue
It's simple...

If Jackie's poem has inspired the budding poet in you, then please send us your poems about your much loved feline friends for inclusion on this page! Emails to helencatsprotection@yahoo.co.uk  We will all look forward to reading them!


Well Sammy came from nowhere
Appeared without a trace
With muddy paws and matted fur
And dirty little face

He came in to shelter from the cold
Away from rain and snow
Settled himself in front of the fire
Soaking up the amber glow

Sammy loved his new home
Complete with garden and shed
He spent his days in the greenhouse
Or snuggled up inside on the bed

He liked to roll around in the grass
For Sammy it was always play time
He'd lounge around with Oscar and George
His two partners in crime

We all loved Sammy dearly
He was affectionate, loving and kind
But his life was cut tragically short
Divine providence had other plans in mind

So he's gone to the great cat tree in the sky
Where so many others reside
You've touched our hearts in your short little life
We love you Sammy goodbye...

Tommy's Poem

Tommy cat is my dream cat
I've wanted since being a child
When I look into his big green eyes
He makes our lives worth while
Tommy was a stray cat
He came to us by chance
He plays in our big garden
He's such a happy cat
The only time he's quiet
Is when he's having a nap!!

This lovely poem has been sent to us by Christine Richards. Thanks so much for sharing it with us. Tommy looks lovely!

This is a poem in memory of my cat Pebbles who we adopted from Cats Protection in 1985...she lived to the grand old age of 21!

Lets go get a cat we decided one day
We rang Cats Protection to see what they'd say
We arrived there to find just one puss indoors
Sitting there languidly, licking her paws.

And so she came back with us
Made herself right at home
Slept on the bed with us
Her territory she would roam

Bring in a trifle and she'd jump on your knee
Eyes lit like beacons, mewing with glee
Give her a fish and she'd look on with disgust
But marmalade and cheese were a definite must!!

She like to bask in the sun
A smile on her face
Content and relaxed
A picture of grace

In the winter months
By the fire she'd stretch out
As warm as toast
Dreaming of trout!

She was an apricot beauty
As pretty as a rose
A tortoise shell sweetie
And boy could she pose!!

She departed this life
After one final toot and scratch
And now she's asleep under the tomato patch

Pebbles was a faithful companion
A friend true and dear
We will all miss her dearly
We wish you were here...

Rescue Cat

Once I was a lonely cat,                                She said, "There is a family,
just looking for a home,                                 that's waiting patiently,
I had no place to go,                                     and pretty soon we'll find them,
no one to call my own.                                  just you wait and see."
I wandered up and down the streets,              "And then they'll join our circle,
in rain in heat and snow.                               they'll help to make it grow,
I ate what ever I could find,                            so there'll be room for more like you,
I was always on the go.                                 who have no place to go."
My skin would itch, my feet were sore,           I waited very patiently,
my body ached with pain.                              the days they came and went.
And no one stopped to give a pat,                  Today's the day I thought,
or gently say my name.                                my family will be sent.
I never saw a loving glance,                           Then just when I began to think
I was always on the run.                                it wasn't meant to be,
For people thought that hurting me                 there were people standing there
was really lots of fun.                                    just gazing down at me.
Then one day I heard a voice                         I knew them in a heart beat,
so gentle, kind and sweet,                            I could tell they felt it too.
And arms so soft reached down to me           They said, "We have been waiting
and took me off my feet.                               for a special cat like you."
"No one again will hurt you,"                         Now every night I say a prayer
was whispered in my ear.                             to all the gods that be.
"You'll have a home to call your own              "Thank you for the life I live
where you will know no fear."                        and all you've given me.
"You will be dry, you will be warm,                But most of all protect the cats
you'll have enough to eat,"                            living on the street.
"and rest assured that when you sleep,         And send a Rescue Person
your dreams will all be sweet."                      to lift them off their feet."