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Holly`s AMAZING life

05 September 2016
Almost 18 years ago we were dropping off some bric-a-brac for the CP at Joan's house in Standish Lowerground, when a little black and white girl adopted us! Joan knew instinctively that this bossy little madam had the perfect personality to be integrated with our 6 year old battle hardened tabby tom Biffa, although they never cuddled up together they did get very attached and played together. When Biffa died 9 years ago she missed him terribly, it was two weeks before she started eating properly again. We named her Holly as we picked her up just after Christmas, she was a prolific hunter, bringing home anything from babies dummies to ducks and even rabbits, she was extremely lovable and usually ended up with more than her share of the bed, leaving me balanced on the edge. She had a lovely inquisitive nature, which could and did get her into trouble but she melted the heart of everyone she met and was well known by our neighbours, who would often phone to warn me she was on her way home with a present in her mouth! Although as she got older she had Hyperthyroidism, and was on a renal diet for her kidney's she still had a very active life, it was only when she developed a heart murmur that she began to slow down. She was getting very frail but on Saturday (27th August) she went out as normal but as the day wore on and she didn't come home my husband went looking for her. Thankfully he found her near her beloved pond in a local field, she was too weak to make her own way home, he carried her back where she died peacefully in our arms a few minutes later. Obviously we are devastated and will miss her presence for a very long time but she had such a wonderful 18 years, if only all animals were so lucky. We aren't in a position to adopt another cat but we will continue to support Atherton & Wigan CP, RIP Holly 💚💜❤️